Public Works/Public Utilities Director

City of Cynthiana
Cynthiana , KY

Date Posted: 4/10/2018 2:02:57 PM


Class Title: Director of Public Works/Utilities
Department: Public Works / Public Utilities
All Personnel Assigned to Department Supervisor: Department Commissioner(s)

Class Characteristics: Under general administrative direction, plans, organizes, directs, coordinates and evaluates the activities and programs of the Public Works and Utilities Departments; performs related work as required.

General Duties and Responsibilities: Essential:

  1. Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates and evaluates all activities and programs of the Public Works and Utilities Departments, including streets/roads, sanitation, water treatment plant and water distribution system, wastewater treatment plant, and wastewater collection system.
  2. Formulates, administers and maintains departmental policies and procedures after consultation with higher authority and subordinate personnel.
  3. Assists with preparation of annual departmental budgets; administers budgets after approval.
  4. Assists in recruitment, selection and training of departmental employees; instructs, disciplines and evaluates subordinates.
  5. Approves work schedules; approves departmental time cards.
  6. Oversees construction, installation, maintenance, repair and/or cleanliness of city buildings, streets, and utilities infrastructure, insuring compliance with established procedures and standards and federal, state and local laws and administrative regulations; works with engineering firms employed to provide services to the city; works with contractors in resurfacing and/or repairing streets and/or buildings; approves completed projects.
  7. Supervises, inspects and approves city improvement projects.
  8. Implements preventive maintenance program; insures that preventive maintenance program is followed.
  9. Enforces safety rules, policies and procedures.
  10. Supervises departmental personnel; approves assignments, training, and time-off; conducts and/or checks and approves personnel evaluations.
  11. Implements, and insures compliance with, safety procedures and regulations.
  12. Insures timely pick-up and disposal of garbage/trash.
  13. Insures that adequate inventory of spare parts and supplies for the department is maintained; authorizes requisition of parts and supplies as needed.
  14. Investigates and answers complaints on departmental matters.
  15.  Attends training programs; insures that departmental personnel attend training programs to obtain certification as required.
  16. Insures that vehicles and equipment assigned to departments are maintained and cleaned on regularly scheduled basis.
  17. Insures that records are prepared and maintained as required.
  18. May perform duties of Safety Officer, including compliance with OSHA, Americans with Disabilities Act (facilities), bloodborne pathogen legislation, etc.
  19. Oversees GPS infrastructure information.
  20. Attends Commission meetings and reports on activities as requested.

Non-essential: None.

Training and Experience: Graduation from high school or equivalent supplemented by seven years related work experience, including three years in a supervisory capacity. Degree in Civil Engineering preferred, but not required.

Special Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Extensive knowledge of policies, practices, and applicable federal, state and local laws and ordinances governing streets/roads, sanitation pick-up and disposal, water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment.
  2. Extensive knowledge of methods and materials used in public works activities.
  3. Extensive knowledge of functions and servicing/maintenance requirements of equipment and machinery.
  4. Extensive knowledge of safety requirements for all aspects of the department with particular emphasis on proper operation of plant, equipment and machinery; ability to insure compliance with safety requirements.
  5. Extensive knowledge of the geography of the city.
  6. Extensive knowledge of the working operations of the city's infrastructure.
  7. Knowledge of preventive maintenance requirements for all departmental vehicles and equipment.


  1. Ability to supervise subordinate personnel and accomplish work assignments in a diverse department.
  2. Ability to plan and assign the work of subordinate personnel.
  3. Ability to assist with the preparation of and to administer the departmental budgets.
  4. Ability to implement and administer safety programs for the department.
  5. Ability to insure the preparation and maintenance of required departmental records.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with contractors, builders, city officials and employees, and the general public.

Salary Information: $34,304-$70,051

Application Deadline: 5/18/2018

Jamie Hutchison
City Clerk
P O Box 67
Cynthiana, KY 41031
Phone: 859-234-7150
Fax : 859-234-0035