Fire Chief

Fire Department: Bellevue - Dayton
Bellevue/Dayton, KY

Date Posted: 3/8/2018 3:47:08 PM


The Fire Chief is the CEO of the Fire Department, appointed by the Mayors of each community (City of Bellevue and The City of Dayton) and a majority of the Fire Board. He/She is responsible to the Fire Board for the effective, efficient and legal conduct of the Fire Department and its employees.

The Fire Chief performs a variety of technical, administrative and supervisory work in planning, organizing, directing, and implementing all aspects of the Fire Department.

Such work includes, but is not limited to, creating and maintaining department polices and budgets, ensuring required records are submitted complete and accurate, and ensuring all department services are continually monitored to prevent the loss of life and property by fire and/or emergency medial conditions.

Other responsibilities include, but not limited to:

Requirements for the position include, but are not limited to:

Application Deadline: 3/22/2018

Keith Spoelker
City Administrator, Bellevue
616 Poplar Street
Bellevue , KY 41073
Phone: 859-431-8888