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City Phone

(270) 597-3814

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City Address

PO Box 238
121 Washington Street
Brownsville, KY 42210

City Fax

(270) 597-3274

City Contacts



Anthony Duvall Councilmember
Stephanie Gibson Councilmember
Justin Meredith Councilmember
Greg Nugent Councilmember
Silas Prunty Councilmember
Jeremy Spainhoward Councilmember
Lori Burnett City Clerk/Treasurer
Jeff Jewell Police Chief
Jerry Meredith Mayor/Fire Chief
Jerry Spainhoward Public Works Supervisor

Legislative Contacts

Below are the state and federal legislative representatives for this city. You can contact any of them by clicking on a name, or if it is a state official, by calling the legislative message line at 1-800-372-7181, or contact your legislators directly at 1-502-564-8100 and ask for your legislator by name.