Historic Paris-Bourbon County Hopewell Museum

In 2018, the board of directors of the Historic Paris-Bourbon County Hopewell Museum undertook a three-pronged approach to address the future of the organization. First, members of the board worked on an organizational analysis which was in part paid for with a grant from the Kentucky Local History Trust Fund. With the grant, the Museum enrolled in the Standards and Excellence Programs for History Organizations (StEPS), a self-evaluation process developed by the American Association State and Local History.

This initial analysis led to the second effort, a voluntary peer-review initiative, known as the Museum Assessment Program (MAP). This service is supported by a cooperative agreement among the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the American Alliance of Museums. An Organizational Assessment Review was conducted by Deborah A. Smith, a consultant for the American Alliance of Museums. During this organizational review, the museum board indicated a desire to address three specific areas: improving risk management, stabilizing finances, and refining the mission statement.

 To honor the previous work of the board of directors, the 2013 Strategic Plan and 2016 evaluation of that plan, also guided this strategic planning process.

 The third step taken by the museum board of directors was to develop the framework of this strategic plan. The board and staff worked closely with the Kentucky League of Cities Community Development Services (KLC CDS) to organize and complete the plan. As facilitators, KLC CDS assisted the board with further discussions, inviting input from members, volunteers and the community at-large. Further, the input provided from stakeholders and residents led to extensive feedback which was used to inform the establishment of goals and strategies which have been incorporated in this final strategic plan. 


2018 Historic Paris-Bourbon County Hopewell Museum Strategic Plan