Horse Cave

The city of Horse Cave has updated the city's zoning ordinance. You may download a copy in the resources section below.


In 2012, the elected and civic leadership in Horse Cave have a renewed interest in energizing the community. The residents have embraced their personal responsibility in community development. Together the residents of Horse Cave have undertaken a new direction, steeped in their own local culture, driven by their individual passions and guided by their community values.

Horse Cave's future direction is based upon four core values that were identified by residents:

  • Neighborhood Improvement
  • Vitality
  • Leadership Development
  • Prosperity

Residents recognize they must find ways to expand the community conversation and increase the size of its leadership pool. The community says that it values its young people and wants them to participate. The community is working on ways to fully integrate them into the community decision making, visioning and implementation processes.


To download a copy of the 2017 City of Horse Cave Zoning Ordinance CLICK HERE.

To view the full report, click Horse Cave Vision and Strategic Plan