The city of Williamstown, Kentucky is creating a new city master plan that will guide them through the next five years. The city council is committed to engaging the residents of the city through a series of listening and design sessions.  In addition, students at Williamstown High School have also been involved with the initiative.

On August 9, 2011 a Community Listening Session was held at Williamstown High School to inform the public about the Ark Encounter Park that will be built in Williamstown.  Approximately 400 citizens attended the meeting.

On October 11, 2011 a Community Design Session was held at Williamstown High School. (See Notes Below.)

On December 6, 2011 the consultants will present a draft of goals and objectives of the plan to the Williamstown City Council.  An informal review of the initial strategic plan overview will be presented and residents are invited to provide feedback to insure that the plan is on-track.

A public hearing will be held in January to present the goals and objectives to the Williamstown City Council for adoption.  The consultants will also present the powerpoint overview to the public and ask for their comments.

For more information, contact Mayor Rick Skinner at Williamstown City Hall by phone at 859-824-3633 or visit www.wtownky.org.