KLC Community Consulting Services

The Kentucky League of Cities Community Consulting Services (KLC CCS) serves Kentucky cities through a range of services. The results of these efforts allow cities to improve the safety, quality of public services and quality of life for all residents.  

We're a
ffordable and flexible:
Often, cities can't anticipate the need for a traditional consultant nor can they afford one. You can access KLC's Community Consulting Services whenever you need them. Because the program is a member benefit through KLC, we offer substantial discounts to our member cities…and, yes, we’ll work with your community organizations, too. We just need a request from you, our member!  Our consultants have the experience that you need to implement a plan, achieve consensus or locate potential funding resources. Fast, friendly and affordable!  We're ready when you are!

Strategic Planning – Every project needs a plan to achieve implementation. KLC CCS has the creativity and experience that leads a city from envisioning a project through implementing the idea. Turning dreams and big ideas into manageable, achievable implementation steps is the goal of every KLC CCS strategic plan. KLC CCS also provides follow-through and accountability milestones to insure that a project stays on-task and on-time.

Project Implementation – Having a plan is never enough, but it sure helps. KLC CCS can take your plan and create a step-by-step how-to for project implementation. From identifying stakeholders to the establishment of project teams, KLC CCS believes that implementation should be the outcome of every strategic plan. KLC CCS staff has been in the trenches in their own cities, helping to turn dreams into reality. It’s not always easy, but we make it as simple as it can be. That’s what KLC CCS can help you do.  Our philosophy is “any project can succeed if you have the right people on board and the political willpower to see it through.” 

Comprehensive Land Use Planning Face it. Having to update the city’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan is a massive and often an expensive undertaking. Twelve to eighteen months of meeting and engaging EVERYBODY to understand how a city functions. And forecasting where a city could and should be over the next five years. KLC CCS staff has lived by Comprehensive Land Use Plans for decades. We have what it takes to get your city where it needs to be.  MORE INFORMATION about Comp Plans.  

Business Plan Development – Need a business plan with milestones and pro-forma budgeting? KLC CCS has you covered. Funders of projects – whether the funding is through government grants, philanthropic non-profit organizations or private donors – want to create a sustainable legacy. KLC CCS provides guidance and structure to develop a plain and easy-to-understand narrative along with the budget documents required to satisfy any funder’s requirements.

Meeting Facilitation – Does your city or city council need to discuss a thorny or political issue that requires an unbiased moderator? KLC CCS provides everything you need to have a productive community conversation. KLC CCS can assist in preparing an outcome-driven agenda, asking the right questions, listening to all sides and summarizing the results. Not every conversation is easy, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare either. It just requires an experienced facilitator. That is who we are.

Complex Problem Solving – Need assistance in drafting a complicated Request for Proposal or Request for Qualifications? Want to explain a complicated budget document to the public in language and visuals that folks can understand? Not every problem has a nice, neat and tidy answer. With KLC CCS’ broad experience and access to some of the most knowledgeable people in municipal governance, an answer can usually be found. Even if the answer isn’t the one you were expecting, KLC CCS will always find the answer that you need to make an informed decision.

Hiring Solutions – Every city hires new employees from time-to-time. That’s easy. Hiring the right employee is the difficult part. Looking beyond the resume, interview and background check is essential in hiring the right person for the job. KLC CCS assesses a candidate’s soft skills – from personal competencies to behaviors and motivators. Understanding why a person wants to get up every day and do the difficult work of serving the residents of your city is important information, and we can help you make a more informed hiring decision.

Funding, Grant Writing and Administration – KLC CCS knows funding. With an experienced grant writer and grant administrator on the team, KLC CCS will work with your city to find a funding solution for your project. KLC CCS also partners with KLC’s Financial Services to create innovate funding solutions, no matter the size and cost of your project.

Telling your city’s story. KLC CCS enjoys sharing with others your challenges and how you overcame them. Whether we use your city as a best practice example in one of our training programs or write an article for Kentucky City magazine, we love to tell others about you and your successes.